2017 North Louisiana
3rd Annual North Louisiana
Law Enforcement Ball 
"Hometown Heroes"
Saturday March 11, 2017
Diamond Jacks Resort Casino and Hotel Crowne Ballroom
711 Diamond Jacks Blvd, Bossier City, Louisiana 71111 


The North Louisiana Law Enforcement Ball is a registered 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit organization 81-0736756

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Q.  Is the North Louisiana Law Enforcement Ball affiliated with any specific police or sheriff department?

A.  The North Louisiana Law Enforcement Ball is not sponsored by, nor affiliated       with the any police or sheriff department.  The event is a privately held function.
Q.  Do you have to be a law enforcement officer to attend the event?
A.  While the exclusive event is not open to the general public*, you DO NOT have to be a         law enforcement officer to attend.  The event is in honor of the service of all north             Louisiana law enforcement and first responders and those who serve in that role past         or present.  There are some personnel outside of public safety who work alongside             us and valiantly support our efforts.  We open the opportunity to attend the event to          those persons as well.
Q.  What is the attire for the event? 

A.  The attire for the the event is formal.  A professional photographer will be on hand so       you want to look your best.  A tuxedo or ball gown IS NOT a requirement and dress             blues for those law enforcement or military members who wish to wear them is                 optional.
Q.  Are persons under 21 allowed to attend the event?
A.  We are a public safety family and we love our children; however, due to the fact                  alcoholic beverages will be sold and consumed, we ask that no persons below the age         of 21 not attend the event.  Your cooperation is appreciated.
Q.  Are hotel accomodations available at discounted rates?
A.   Yes.  If you would like to have a hotel room at the casino, you can make                      reservations at a discounted room rate by contacting the casino  
Q.  Are there other ways aside from tiered sponsorships to contribute to the ball?
A.  Yes, The North Louisiana Law Enforcement Ball is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization 81-0736756. Contributions to the ball of any amount can be made aside from tiered sponsorships.  Contributions are tax deductable.   

Those wishing to make contributions to the ball can do so by sending check or money order to:  North Louisiana Law Enforcement Ball P.O. Box 38442 Shreveport, La. 71133. Your name or company will be listed on the event's website under the donor tab.
For any questions not answered on this site please contact us via email at: nlleb2014@gmail.com